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A full 75 percent of the Bible is the Old Testament. If one of your kids, or your coworkers, or your friends were to ask you about the Old Testament, could you talk knowledgably about it? When you pastor says that your church believes in the Old Testament because the whole Bible is about Jesus, can you even imagine what he’s talking about? In my experience, Christians often know stories from the Old Testament, or maybe have memorized verses from it, but very few would say that they understand it. That’s where I stood not long ago, so I set out to do something about it.Frankly, without help, the Old Testament can be difficult to read, let alone understand. But with a little guidance, you can not only understand it, you can appreciate how it harmonizes with the New Testament and you can see how it is so foundational to your faith.I put together this book as I earnestly studied my way through the Old Testament. My hope is that I have taken hundreds of hours of reading and work, and summarized it into a book that can be used by Christians who just don’t have hundreds of hours to invest. This book combines the best of what I’ve read and studied about the Old Testament.• It is part book—read it through, or select areas of interest from the summaries.• It is part Bible study guide—use the summaries to study or lead a Bible study group.
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