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Lecture Notes: Urology is a best-selling concise introduction to urology, presenting the essential core knowledge for medical students and junior doctors. It emphasises clinical presentations and diagnostic problem-solving, providing an integrated approach to understanding the renal system and urinary tract. This new edition has been fully revised and re-written with a new format, design and artwork, and now includes a section on interstitial brachytherapy for early prostate cancer and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, coverage of imaging and surgical techniques, and a self-assessment section of MCQs. It explains all the important aspects of urology in a simple, clearly written and concise way, with a comprehensive overview of normal structure and function, and guidance on the specifics of history and examination relevant to this body system. It systematically covers the pathology of the diseases which affect normal function, explaining the principles of treatment and management. Lecture Notes: Urology will prove invaluable as a well-balanced introduction to urology and a rapid revision guide for final exams for junior doctors, medical students and allied health professionals. Reviews of the previous edition «…this work provides a highly comprehensive and approachable guide to urology.» British Journal of Surgery «…there is much to recommend in this book for undergraduates and there is no doubt that it will be widely read by medical students.» British Journal of Urology «A very comprehensive and detailed account of urology for medical students. Good diagrams, well thought out presentation and style and a layout very friendly to the reader.» Cambridge Medicine Titles of related interest The Renal System at a Glance, Third Edition O'Callaghan September 2009 9781405184724 Nephrology: Clinical Cases Uncovered Clatworthy Forthcoming 9781405189903
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