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*This Novella is two of three*After the DECISION comes the REALITY.The... lies.The... truth.For Macy Portland, enough is enough! It's time to face the past head on. Time to face all the ones who've wronged her.It's time for Macy to be the badass instead of the weak, silly little girl she became for far too long. To stop letting people trample all over her. To face these people, Macy has to witness things she never thought she would see or hear. But she has to stay strong.Then it's time to turn her attention to Carter Reynolds. He protects her. He's on her side. Carter made her feel good, but he also lied to her...the most hurtful lie. Carter Reynolds could be the hardest one to face, but Macy won't give up.Once she's done what she has to do, is it time for Macy to say goodbye to Carter? Or, is it too late? Has he already captured her heart? And will he ever let her go?A photo isn't the only thing that can be... Captured!
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